2019 | Volume Eighteen

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Marie-Lou Beauchamp


Papers presented at the 2018 Photographic Materials Group Session of the American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas

Hinging and Float Mounting 20×24” Polaroid Prints and Negatives
Sarah Casto and Fernanda Valverde

Comparison of LED, L-37 Filtered Xenon Arc, and Glass-Filtered Cool White Fluorescent llumination in the Light Fading and Light-Induced Staining of Color Photographs
Henry Wilhelm and Richard Adams

Evaluation of Hydrolytic Accelerated Aging Protocols on Cellulose Acetate
Carolyn Carta, Katharina Hoeyng, Herant Khanjian, Joy Mazurek, Kristen McCormick, and Michael R. Schilling

Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Rediscoveries
Ronel Namde and Constance McCabe

Finding a Balance: Conservation of the Dolley Madison Cased Image from the Greensboro History Museum
Monique Fischer and Terra Huber

Investigation of Portrait with Applied Oil Color
Marissa Bartz, Luisa Casella, and Abbott Nixon

How to receive and organize a collection of 1 million photographs at once? Material and metadata discussions
Rodrigo Porto Bozzetti

Revealing History with Moisture and Megabytes: Curled Panorama Prints from WWI and WWII
Kim R. Du Boise

Color Records: Wood’s Diffraction Process of Color Photography
Zach Long

From Here On and Beyond: Researching Objects, History and Collection at The Museum of Modern Art
Lee Ann Daffner

The Chemistry of Digital Fine Art Paper Yellowing: A Comparative Case Study of Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300gsm and Harman Inkjet Glossy Art Fibre Warmtone by Hahnemühle
Monique C. Fischer, Arthur McClelland, Savannah Butler, Carew Giberson-Chen, Nina Shevoz-Zebrun, and Vanya Zvonar

Papers presented at the 2019 Joint Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation, Photographic Materials Group Winter Meeting and the International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation, Photographic Materials Working Group in New York City, New York

Accidental Images, The Negative Before Photography?
Bertrand Lavédrine, Marie-Angélique Languille, and Céline Daher

Recent History of Kodak EKATCOLOR Papers – A Guide for Conservators
Joseph E. LaBarca

Repairing transparency, recovering the image. Research and testing fill materials and methods for conservation treatments on photographs face-mounted with poly(methyl methacrylate)
Anna Laganà, Sarah Freeman, Julia Langenbacher, Rachel Rivenc, Maëlle Caro, Vincent Dion, and Tom Learner

The ‘Stradivarius’ of Photographic Papers: GEVALUXE VELOURS
Hanako Murata

It’s All That: Standardization of the material characterization of photographs in the age of the extended medium field
Jan Burandt and Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton

Photograph Preservation and Conservation in Slovakia
Janka Križanová

Lessons Learned from the Platinum and Palladium Project: Applications to the Alfred Stieglitz Key Set at the National Gallery of Art
Joan M. Walker and Constance McCabe

From Teleprompters to TEDx: Lessons Learned in Public Outreach, Advocacy and Fundraising
Debra Hess Norris

Conservation and Mass-Digitization, Implementation of a Workflow
Jessica Régimbald

Two case studies of the treatment of photographic albums: between emic and etic approaches
Barbara Cattaneo

Electrotyping Daguerreotypes – The Reconstruction of an Early Reproduction Technique
Magdalena Pilko, Martin Jürgens, Bill Wei, Clara von Waldthausen, and Ineke Joosten

Emerging photograph conservators of the 2020’s
Millard Schisler and Patricia de Filippi

The Kodak Colorama Collection at Museums Victoria
Belinda Gourley, Rosemary Goodall, and Fiona Kinsey

Mouldy Matters: Conserving Ed van der Elsken’s 42.000 colour slides
Katrin Pietsch and Lénia Oliveira Fernandes

Discovering, preserving and promoting the photographic collections at the National Library of Scotland
Ioannis Vasallos

Conserving the Matrix: Investigation of the Ernest J. Bellocq glass plate negative collection
Elsa Thyss

Gardner’s Photographic Sketch Book of the War: A Case Study for the Manufacture and Deterioration of Photographic Albums and Books
Laura Panadero

Why re-create rare processes? The case of the printed daguerreotype
Martin Jürgens

Reproduction as strategy for photograph conservation? Theory and practice
Marta García Celma

SFMOMA Artist Initiative: Interdisciplinary research on reprinting color photographs as a preservation solution
Roberta Piantavigna, Erin O’Toole, and Theresa Andrews

Complications with “My Birth”
Krista Lough

Conserving the Knights-Whittome Negative Collection: A Pain in the Glass?
Sarah Allen

“Larger Than Life”- Edwin Forrest Mammoth Daguerreotype Conservation Challenges
Elena Bulat

Digitizing collections – A reflection on negative archive collections, prioritizing procedures and what is lost
Catarina Cortes Pereira, Laura Castro, Carolina Barata, and Margarita San Andrés

Coming in from the cold
Mark Strange and Lizzie Meek

Albumen and gelatine photographs from the Italian artist Arturo Viligiardi’s collection: conservation treatment and study on chemical hydrogels
Giulia Fraticelli

Elevating Photography to Fine Art: Stieglitz’s Carbon Prints
Courtney Helion, Joan M. Walker, and Constance McCabe

PMG is Turning 40! A Look Back as the Group Celebrates a Major Anniversary and Approaches a Generational Shift
Zach Long, Amanda Maloney, and Rachel Wetzel

Attributions, Working Methods and Scientific Analysis of Robert Cornelius’s Daguerreotypes: How a collaborative partnership of conservators, curators, scientists and artists help to collectively broaden the understanding of the history of early photography in America
Rachel Kay Wetzel

Visualizing the nanoscale: new developments in the understanding and preservation of the daguerreotype image
Andrea E. Schlather, Paul Gieri, Alejandro Manjavacas, and Silvia A. Centeno

Refining the Daguerreotype Package
Natasha Kung, Nora W. Kennedy, and Eric Breitung

Disaster Recovery of Flood Damaged Glass Plates
Erin L. Murphy, Elena Bulat, and Brenda Bernier

Safely Handling Moldy Photographs Might be Worth a Few Stains
Susana A. Hoyos Velasco

Current Photograph Conservation Practices in Egypt: What To Do and What Not To Do
Maha Ali, Emil Henin, Mervat Abdallah, and Francis Mohareb

Sudden damage to obsolete print materials
Teresa Mesquit

Ethical considerations when exhibiting, studying and treating photographic albums: the Asser albums at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Rosina Herrera Garrido

Once upon a time; The history of the photograph conservation lab at the Art Institute of Chicago
Marie-Lou Beauchamp

Papers presented at the 2019 Photographic Materials Group Session of the American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting in Uncasville, Connecticut

A Context-Based Approach to Conserving Photographs On Textiles
Anniack Parker, Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham, Miriam Doutriaux, Gwénaëlle Kavich, and Thomas Lam

The Expansion of the Cold and Cool Storage Vaults at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Fernanda Valverde

19th Century Glass Manufacture and Its Relevance to Photographic Glass Stability
Lynn Brostoff and Kate Fogle

Blue Pigment Inclusions In Salted Paper Prints
Lisa Barro and Silvia Centeno

Pictorialist Experiments of Karl Struss
Sarah Casto

Heat and Solvent Set Repair Tissues
Katherine S. Kelly, Jennifer K. Herrmann, Alisha Chipman, Andrew R. Davis, Yasmeen Khan, Steven Loew, Katharine Morrison Danzis, Tamara Ohanyan, Lauren Varga, Anne Witty, and Michele H. Youket

Biodegradation Study on Photographic Archive of Khedive Ismail Pasha Back to 19th Century
Rasha A. Shaheen and Mohamed Hendy

Atmospheric Pressure Non-thermal Plasma of Cleaning 19th Century Tintype
Medhat Eldabaa and Rasha A. Shaheen

Specular Reflection FTIR for Chemical Analysis of Historic Photographs
Arthur McClelland and Elena Bulat

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