2001 | Volume Nine

Sarah S. Wagner

Papers presented at the Photographic Materials Session of the AIC Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, June 2000

Report on the Chemical Treatment of Photographic Materials
Douglas Nishimura          Download PDF

Photo Buttons on the Mind: Repairing Large Splits in Photo Buttons
Sara Shpargel and Irene Bruckle          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Houston, February 2001

The “Perfect” Fill for the Tintype
Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, Thomas M. Edmondson, John McElhone, and Irene Bruckle          Download PDF

The History and Preservation of the Josef Maria Eder Collection
Andreas Gruber          Download PDF

Heinrich Kuehn and Photography with Autochromes
Christa Hofmann and Uwe Schoegl          Download PDF

Two Finishing Techniques for Contemporary Photographs
Sylvie PĂ©nichon and Martin Jurgens          Download PDF

Papers presented at the 2001 PMG Session of the AIC Meeting in Dallas
None published

Additional Papers

Preliminary Reports on the Conservation of Slides with Special Reference to the Removal of Mold
Niccolo Caldararo and Candis Griggs          Download PDF

The Effects of Aqueous Immersion Wash Treatments on Platinum Photographs
Michele Phillips          Download PDF

The Hand-coloring and Retouching of Daguerreotypes and Glass Photographs: An Annotated Bibliography
Monique Fischer          Download PDF

The Hand-coloring and Retouching of Photographic Prints: An Annotated Bibliography
Sarah Wagner, Compiler          Download PDF

Guidelines for Exhibition Light Levels for Photographs
Sarah Wagner, Constance McCabe, and Barbara Lemmen          Download PDF

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