2003 | Volume Ten

Brenda Bernier

Papers presented at the 2002 PMG/BPG Joint Session of the AIC Meeting in Miami, Florida

Responding to Biological Hazards: The Effects of Chlorine Dioxide, Ethylene Oxide, Foam, and Irradiation on People and Cultural Property (Abstract)
Andrew Robb          Download PDF

A Blueprint for Conserving Cyanotypes
Mike Ware          Download PDF

Papers presented at the 2003 PMG Winter Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Treatment Options for Paper Negatives
Gary E. Albright, Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, and Kate Jennings          Download PDF

The Effect of Aqueous Treatment on the Properties of Silver Gelatin Prints
Paula Argomedo and Cecilia Díaz          Download PDF

The Deterioration of Paul Strand’s Satista Prints
Lisa Barro          Download PDF

A New Frontier: Photograph Conservation in Cuba
Monique C. Fischer and Luis Montes de Oca Colina          Download PDF

Water, Heritage Photographic Materials and Fungi
Mary-Lou Florian          Download PDF

New Nitrate Film Storage for Library and Archives, Canada
Greg Hill          Download PDF

Matte Albumen Papers and Their Use in Austrian Portrait Photography
Christa Hofmann and Gabriele Schatzl          Download PDF

Investigation of Adhesives for RC Prints
Chris McGlinchey and Bing Yuan          Download PDF

Recent Developments in Using, Storing, and Transporting Cellulose Nitrate Still Picture Film
Andrew Robb          Download PDF

Environmental Management Through The Climate Notebook™
Sara Shpargel          Download PDF

The Education of Photograph Conservators in México
María Fernanda Valverde          Download PDF

Papers presented at the 2003 PMG/EMG Joint Session of the AIC Meeting in Arlington, Virginia

Filmbase Deterioration in Dufaycolor Film
Robin E. Siegel          Download PDF

Facsimilation of Paper Negatives
Elena Simonova-Boulat, Mark Osterman, and Michael Hager          Download PDF

Additional Papers

Survey of Cool and Cold Storage Facilities for Fine Art Photograph Collections
Lee Ann Daffner          Download PDF

A Survey of Photographic Negative Collections from 1925-1950: Some Results and Observations
Jamye Jamison          Download PDF

Exhibition of Photographic Materials in Library and Archive Collections
Clara C. von Waldthausen          Download PDF

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