2007 | Volume Twelve

Brenda Bernier

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Annual Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, June 2006

Fund Raising for Photograph Preservation: Eight Days a Week (Abstract)
Debra Hess Norris          Download PDF

Marking Photographs: The Impact of Ink Stamping Practices
Nancy Reinhold, Hanako Murata, Richard Stenman, Taina Meller, and Nora W. Kennedy          Download PDF

Understanding 20th-Century Photographs: The Baryta Layer Symposium (Abstract)
Paul Messier and Dusan Stulik          Download PDF

Optical Brightener Loss in Photographic Paper (Abstract)
Sandra Connors-Rowe, Paul Whitmore, and Hannah Morris          Download PDF

Contemporary Photographic Materials at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (Abstract)
Lisa Barro          Download PDF

Microbial Deterioration of Gelatin Emulsion Photographs: A Case Study
Miguel J. L. Lourenço and Jose Paulo Sampaio          Download PDF

Development of a Conservation Database for the Photographic Collection at The MFA Houston (Abstract)
Toshiaki Koseki, Wynne Phelan, Lisa Duncan, and Rose Daly          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG/ICOM-CC WGPM Joint Meeting In Rochester, New York, February 2007

Advances in Daguerreotype Conservation: The Conservation Program for the Exhibition, “Young America: The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes”
Ralph Wiegandt and Taina Meller          Download PDF

Pioneers of the Daguerreotype in Austria: Observations on the Technology and Conservation Issues (Abstract)
Andreas Gruber and Taiyoung Ha          Download PDF

The Great Exhibition of 1851: An Introduction to a Research Project and Preliminary Findings
Clara Von Waldthausen          Download PDF

Micromycetes Complexes on Photographs from Old Collections (1839-1912)
E.V. Bogomolova, A.M. Ivanova, I.Y. Kirtsideli, V.A. Mel’nik, and D.V. Sokolenko          Download PDF

Katrin Pietsch          Download PDF

A History of Australia’s Kodak Manufacturing Plant
Angeletta Leggio          Download PDF

Film Base to Pixels: The Juan Cachu-Ramirez Collection – A Cross-Over Education Experience
Stephanie Ogeneski, Fernando Osório, and Pilar Hernandez          Download PDF

Creating Long-Lasting Inkjet Prints
Monique C. Fischer          Download PDF

Not Drowning, Waving: Complications with the Preparation and Display of Unconventional Photographs and Works of Art on Paper at The National Gallery of Australia
Andrea Wise, Fiona Kemp, James Ward, and Laishree Srinivasan          Download PDF

A Preliminary Investigation into Acrylic Glazing Deterioration
Caitlin Granowski, Andrea Wise, Christopher Drover, and Zbigniew Stachurski          Download PDF

Survey of Abrasion Resistant Acrylics and Polycarbonates for Face-Mounted Photographs
Eric Breitung          Download PDF

Approaches to Treating Contemporary Photographs
Peter Mustardo          Download PDF

Reversible Mounting Techniques for The Display of Large-Format Contemporary Photographs
Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, Rosina Herrera, Patrick Ravines, Ralph Wiegandt, Sylvie Pénichon, and Marsha Sirven          Download PDF

Additional Papers

Mounting Large Format Photographs at The National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
Pip Morrison          Download PDF

Mounting Medium and Large-Format Photographs
Maria Fernanda Valverde          Download PDF

Scratch Repair on Acrylics Used in Face-Mounted Photographs: A Survey of Materials and Techniques
Emy Kim and Eric Breitung          Download PDF

Basic Care of Face-Mounted Photographs at The Museum Of Modern Art
Erin Murphy          Download PDF

Case Study: Repair of a Broken Glass Plate Negative
Katherine Whitman and Ralph Wiegandt          Download PDF

Housing Glass Transparencies
Katherine Whitman          Download PDF

A Survey and Evaluation of the Use of Light Bleaching Techniques for Photographic Materials
Rachel K. Wetzel          Download PDF

An Analytical Study of Eugene Atget’s Photographs at The Museum of Modern Art
Camille Moore          Download PDF

The Application of Optical and Surface Metrology to Daguerreotypes
Patrick Ravines, Ralph Wiegandt, Christian M. Wichern, Richard Hailstone, and Grant Romer          Download PDF

Cold Storage Options: Costs and Implementation Issues
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF

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