1993 | Volume Five

Robin E. Siegel

Paper presented at the PMG Session at the AIC General Meeting in Richmond, Virginia, June 3, 1990

Planning for the Treatment of a Large Collection of Photographs
Gary Albright          Download PDF

Paper presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, February 22, 1991

Fingerprints on Photographs
Klaus B. Hendriks and Rüdiger Krall          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Session at the AIC General Meeting in Buffalo, New York, Friday, June 5, 1992

The Examination, Surface Analysis, and Retreatment of Eight Daguerreotypes, Which were Thiourea Cleaned in 1977
Thomas M. Edmondson and M. Susan Barger          Download PDF

The History and Treatment of the Ivorytype
Catherine Ackerman          Download PDF

The Bourges-Bruehl Collection: Reproducing Color from Glass Separation Negatives Using Desktop Computer Equipment
Jim Wallace and Joe Goulait          Download PDF

A Summary of Recent Research at the Image Permanence Institute (1992)
James M. Reilly          Download PDF

Determining Responsible Display Conditions for Photographs
John McElhone          Download PDF

Papers presented sat the PMG Winter Meeting in Austin, Texas, February 28-March 1, 1993

Curatorship and Conservation at The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center: the Evolution of a Process
Roy Flukinger and Barbara Brown          Download PDF

Singing the Blues: the Treatment of Water-Damaged Negatives
Deborah Derby          Download PDF

The Exhibition of an Early Photogenic Drawing by Henry Fox Talbot
Nancy Reinhold          Download PDF

Ongoing Investigations into Chemical Image Enhancement of Faded Vintage Printing-out Photographic Prints
Valerie Baas, Judith J. Bischoff, and Leon Stodulski          Download PDF

Guidelines for Care and Identification of Film-Base Photographic Materials
Monique C. Fischer and Andrew Robb          Download PDF

The IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film
Douglas W. Nishimura          Download PDF

Historical and Technological Investigations of the Autochrome Process, and Attempts at Re-creation
Bertrand Lavédrine and Jean-Paul Gandolfo          Download PDF

Additional papers

On the Causes of Edge Fading in Early Photographic Prints
Klaus B. Hendriks and Rick K. Palmer          Download PDF

Vacuuming in Tight Spaces II: An Updated Report on the Design of a Homemade Suction Table for Paper and Photographic Conservation
Franklin Shores and Holly Maxson          Download PDF

The Examination and Treatment of an Early Twentieth Century Photographic Collage
Niccolo Caldararo          Download PDF

AIC PMG Color Committee: 1992 Report
Robin Siegel          Download PDF

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