Posters presented at AIC annual meetings

2016 (Montreal)

Graphics Atlas: New Process Identification Methodology                                                                   Alice Carver-Kubik, Photographic Research Scientist, Image Permanence Institute

Development of Descriptive Terminology for Inkjet-printed Photographs and Fine Art          Daniel Burge, Senior Research Scientist, Image Permanence Institute

Preserving and Digitizing Andrew J. Russell’s Collodion Glass Plate Negatives                                  Debra A. Peterson, Registrar and Digital Asset Manager, Private Practice

Sheer Practicality: A multi-purpose conservation mount for paper negatives                                  Lénia Fernandes, Junior Photograph Conservator, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

eTerminology/ie eBook for Conservators of Photographic Materials                                            Tania Passafiume, Head Conservator of Photographic Materials, Library and Archives Canada, Tom Thompson, Multimedia Specialist, Online Content Division, Library and Archives Canada, Anne Cartier-Bresson, Conservatrice générale du Patrimoine Directrice, Atelier de Restauration et de Conservation des Photographies de la Ville de Paris

Study for Approaching Mold Problems on Photographic Materials Using Antifungal Agent and Enzyme Sheet                                                                                                                                           Yoko Shiraiwa, Paper and photograph conservator in private practice, Takako Yamaguchi, Conservation Scientist, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan

2015 (Miami)

Finding the Point of No Return: The Irreversible Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure
Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Assistant Professor, Art Conservation Department, SUNY Buffalo State; Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton, Conservator of Photographs, Paul Messier LLC; Paul Messier, Founder, Paul Messier LLC; Rebecca Ploeger, Assistant Professor, Art Conservation Department, SUNY Buffalo State

2014 (San Francisco)

Uncovered and Unconventional: Preserving Works on Paper and Photographs on Open Display
Nina Quabeck, Paper Conservator, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Contemporary Analog and Digital Color Photographic Prints: Dye and Pigment Print Process Descriptors, Naming Conventions, Dating, and Permanence Characteristics
Henry Wilhelm, Co-founder and Director of Research, Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc.

Hand-colored Photographs: History, Identification and Research
Janka Križanová, Research Scholar in Photograph Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

2012 (Albuquerque)

19th-Century Photography in a Modern Chemistry Lab
Dr. Corina Rogge, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor in Conservation Science, Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College; and Dr. Anikó Bezur, Andrew W. Mellon Research Scientist for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and The Menil Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Désiré Charnay’s Panoramic View of Mexico City
Diana Lorena Díaz–Cañas, and Maria Estíbaliz Guzman Solano, Adjunct Professors, National School for Conservation (ENCRyM) (LACS)

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