2015 | Volume Sixteen

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Jessica Keister


Papers and posters presented at the 2014 AIC Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California

Preserving Ernest Hemingway’s Photograph Albums and Scrapbooks at the Finca Vigía
Mary Patrick (MP) Bogan and Monique C. Fischer      Download PDF

Fototeca Pedro Guerra:  Conservation of the Photographic Archives
Cinthya Cruz     Download PDF

Examination of an Antifungal Agent for Use on Photographs
Yoko Shiraiwa, Takako Yamaguchi, and Hideo Arai     Download PDF

Digitization as a Tool for Preventative Conservation and a Key Role for Sustainability
Yasmine Chemail     Download PDF

Preservation of Deborah Luster’s One Big Self
Theresa Andrews     Download PDF

Condition Documentation and Monitoring of an Exhibition of Daguerreotypes at the State Hermitage Museum
Jiuan Juian Chen, Tatiana Sayatina, and Paul Messier     Download PDF

Key Components of the Recent Major Revision of ISO 18902 Imaging Materials – Processed Imaging Materials – Albums, Framing and Storage Materials
Andrea J. Venosa and Daniel M. Burge     Download PDF

Technical Investigation of the Effects of Light and Humidity on Diazotypes
Margaret Wessling. Greta Glaser, and Katherine Sanderson     Download PDF

The Kodak Dye Transfer Process – How Eliot Porter Captured Color
Tatiana Cole     Download PDF

A Comparative Study of Handheld Reflectance Spectrophotometers
Katherine Sanderson     Download PDF

Characterization of a Surface Tarnish Found on Daguerreotypes under Shortwave Ultraviolet Radiation
Krista Lough     Download PDF

Retouch Practices Revealed in the Thomas Walther Collection
Lee Ann Daffner and Hanako Murata     Download PDF

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: Characterization of his Photographic Work at The Art Institute of Chicago and His Working Practices
Mirasol Estrada     Download PDF

Characterization of Platinum Prints: Comparative Study of Platinum Prints in The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Collection and The Early 20th Century Kodak Platinum Print Samples
Saori Kawasumi Lewis and Toshiaki Koseki     Download PDF

Animation Cels: Conservation and Storage Issues
Kristen McCormick, Michael R. Schilling, Miriam Truffa Giachet, Joy Mazurek, Herant Khanjian, and Tom Learner     Download PDF

Development and Testing of a Fluorescence Standard for Documenting Ultraviolet Induced Visible Fluorescence
Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton, Jiuan Jiuan Chen and Paul Messier     Download PDF

Mold on Stored Photographs and Maps: A Case Study
Sofía Borrego, Alian Molina, and Adriana Santana     Download PDF

Hand Colored Photographs: History, Identification and Research
Janka Krizanova     Download PDF

Uncovered and Unconventional: Preserving Works on Paper and Photographs on Open Display
Nina Quabeck     Download PDF

Tracking Cumulative Light Exposure Using The Museum System (TMS)
Claire Walker and Ella Rothgangel     Download PDF

Photoshop® Assisted Spectroscopy – An Economical and Non-Destructive Method for Tracking Color Shift
Kristi Wright and Holly Herro     Download PDF

Contemporary Analog and Digital Color Photographic Prints: Dye and Pigment Print Process Descriptors, Naming Conventions, Dating, and Permanence Characteristics
Henry Wilhelm     Download PDF

Papers and posters presented at the 2015 PMG Winter Meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cataloging Is Preservation: An Emerging Consideration in Photograph Conservation Programs
Robert Burton     Download PDF

Characterization of Inkjet Output Media…or How to Hit a Moving Target
Monique Fischer     Download PDF

Confronting the Challenges of Treating Crayon Enlargements
Rachel K Wetzel     Download PDF

A Long Story… the Continuing Saga of Two 20-Foot Long Panoramas
Greg Hill      Download PDF

A Twin Paradox: A Study of Preservation and Disfigurement of Southworth and Hawes Daguerreotypes
Mike Robinson and Edward P. Vicenzi     Download PDF

Evaluation of Atmospheric Plasma as a New Conservation Treatment for Historical Photographs using Advanced Electron Microscopy
Eva Grieten, Joost Caen, and Dominique Schryvers     Download PDF

New Approaches to Cleaning Works on Paper and Photographic Materials
Michelle Sullivan and Shannon Brogdon-Grantham     Download PDF

Acrylic-Toned Inserts and Overlays
Jessica Keister     Download PDF

The Characterization of the Photographic Production of Dèsirè Charnay on His First Trip to Mexico
Liliana Dávila-Lorenzana and Estibaliz Guzmán -Solano     Download PDF

Photographic Paper XYZ: De Facto Standard Sizes for Silver Gelatin Prints
Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton and Paul Messier     Download PDF

Spanish National Plan for Photographic Heritage Conservation
Pablo Ruiz     Download PDF

New Insights into the Composition and Permanence of the Silver-Platinum Satista Paper and the Satista Prints of Paul Strand
Lisa Barro, Silvia A. Centeno, and Katherine Sanderson     Download PDF

New Methodology for Analytical Identification of Historic Coatings on Salted Paper Photographs at Harvard University
Elena Bulat, Brenda Bernier, Erin Murphy, Katherine Eremin, Arthur McClelland, and Georgina Rayner     Download PDF

The Words Beyond the Image: Hippolyte Bayard and His Letters
Tania Passafiume     Download PDF

Strategies for the Storage of Cellulose Acetate Film
Douglas Nishimura     Download PDF

Flattening Rolled Negatives on Filmbase
Katrin Pietsch     Download PDF

Consolidation of Four Flaking Gelatin Glass Plate Negatives from the University of Colorado
Ronel Namde     Download PDF

RC Coatings on Aerial Photographs 1944-45
Clara won Waldthausen     Download PDF

New Photo Histories in West Africa
Erin Haney     Download PDF

Papers and posters presented at the 2015 AIC Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida

Organizing a Workshop in West Africa
Nora W. Kennedy, Debra Hess Norris, Bertrand Lavédrine, and Franck Ogou     Download PDF

Treatment of Oversized Photographs and Tracing Linens for George Keyt’s “Lanka Matha” Glass Panels
Luisa Casella and Moya Dumville     Download PDF

Conservation versus Historicity: A Necessary Reconciliation for the Intervention in the Photographic Collection of Frida Kahlo
Elisa Carmona Vaillard & Karla Castillo Leyva     Download PDF

The Long-Term Permanence Behavior of Photographs and Fine Art Prints Made with Large-Format Flatbed Printers Using UV-Curable Pigment Inks
Henry Wilhelm     Download PDF

Object: Photo – A Presentation of Deep Data from the Thomas Walther Collection Project at The Museum of Modern Art
Lee Ann Daffner     Download PDF

Photography-Painted: Problems and Solutions in Handling, Display and Storage
Diana Noemí Velázquez Padilla     Download PDF

Removing Residual Iron from Platinum and Palladium Prints
Matthew L. Clarke and Dana C. Hemmenway     Download PDF

Characterization of Photographic Papers in the Work of Diane Arbus
Janka Krizanova and Nora W. Kennedy     Download PDF

Computational Techniques for Evaluating Daguerreotypes
Margaret Wessling, Paul Messier, and Tatiana Sayatina     Download PDF

A Glimpse from the Dawn of Photography Investigation and Stabilization of an 1839 Daguerreotype at the Peabody Essex Museum
Elena Bulat, Kathryn Myatt Carey, Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Katherine Eremin,
Debora D. Mayer, and Phillip Prodger     Download PDF

The Daguerreotype Uncovered: An Overview of the Surface and Subsurface Chemistry, Physics and Material Science Underlying the First Photographic Process Based on Electron Microscopical Studies
Patrick Ravines, Anne West, Lingjia Li, Lisa Chan, Robledo O. Gutierrez Jr., Rob McElroy, Natasha Erdman, and Peter Bush     Download PDF

Additional Papers

Rescuing Tsunami-Damaged Photographs in Japan
Yoko Shiraiwa     Download PDF

Janez A. Puhar (1814–1864) – The Forgotten Slovene Inventor of Photography on Glass and His Process – The Puharotype (1842)
Irena Eiselt     Download PDF

Conservation of Photographic Artwork by John Baldessari: Two Strategies — Reproduction and Framing
Monica Marchesi     Download PDF

From Private Photographs to Public Narratives: the Swainson/Woods Collection
Ruth Harvey and Mark Strange     Download PDF

Reflections on the Material History and Materiality of Photographic Gelatin
Clara von Waldthausen     Download PDF

Annotated Bibliography: 19th Century Articles on Fading, Permanence, and Coatings used on Paper Photographs
Clara von Waldthausen     Download PDF

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