1997 | Volume Seven

Robin E. Siegel

Paper presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Washington, DC, March 4, 1995

Photographic Duplication and the Concept of Reversibility: A Call for Standards
Doug Munson          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Meeting in Norfolk, Virginia, June 14, 1996

A Study of Poly(vinyl chloride) Erasers Used in the Surface Cleaning of Photographs
Brenda M. Bernier          Download PDF

The Evaluation of Four Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Surface-Cleaning Techniques on Silver Gelatin Photographs
Penley Knipe          Download PDF

Report on ANSI Standard IT9.9: Stability of Color Photographic Images—Methods for Measuring
Robin Siegel and Henry Wilhelm          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in San Francisco,
February 7-8, 1997

A Tentative Method for Consolidating Gelatin Dry Plates
Gary E. Albrigh          Download PDF

The Effects of Multiple Wet Treatments on Cracking in Albumen Prints
Valerie Baas, Christopher Foster, and Karen Trentelman          Download PDF

Effect of Paper Alkaline Reserve on the Chemical Stability of Acetate Base Sheet Film
Jean Louis Bigourdan, Peter Z. Adelstein, and James M. Reilly          Download PDF

The Pellicular Burlesque
Doug Munson          Download PDF

Methods for Evaluating the Deterioration of Nitrate Motion Picture Film
Maria Fernanda Valverde          Download PDF

Paper presented at the PMG Session at the AIC Meeting in San Diego,
California, June 14, 1997

The Development of Photomechanical Printing Processes in the Late 19th Century
Rachel A. Mustalish          Download PDF

Additional papers

Update: Remoistenable Lining with Methyl Cellulose Adhesive Preparation
Irene Bruckle          Download PDF

Remoistenable Tissue, Part II: Variations on a Theme
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF


Lee Ann Daffner

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