1989 | Volume Three

Compiled by Robin E. Siegel

Papers presented at the PMG Session at the AIC General Meeting in New Orleans, June 4, 1988

Photo Enclosures Research and Specifications
James M. Reilly, Douglas W. Nishimura, Luis Pavão, and Peter Adelstein           Download PDF

Flood Aftermath: The Preservation of Water-Damaged Photographs
Gary E. Albright          Download PDF

Analysis and Restoration of Negatives Intensified with Mercuric Iodide
Bertrand Lavédrine          Download PDF

Papers Presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Kansas City, March 3-4, 1989

Restoration and Conservation of the Lambert Gift Collection of Daguerreotypes
John P. McElhone          Download PDF

A Short Review of Crayon Enlargements: History, Technique, and Treatment
Gary E. Albright and Michael K. Lee          Download PDF

The Treatment of H. P. Robinson’s “Bringing Home the May,” a 19th-Century English Albumen Print
Barbara Brown          Download PDF

The Use of Microwaves for Drying Flood-Damaged Photographic Materials
Martine Gillet and Chantal Garnier          Download PDF

Preliminary Testing of Adhesives Used in Photographic Conservation
Kimberly Schenck and Constance McCabe          Download PDF

Mending of Fiber Based Silver-Gelatin Photographs
Carolyn Long          Download PDF

Conservation Implications of Yellow Sticky Tabs
Robin Siegel          Download PDF

A Preliminary Study: Consolidation of Gelatin Glass Plate Negatives with Organosilanes
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF

The Removal of a Silver Gelatin Photograph Adhered to Glass
Debbie Hess Norris          Download PDF

An Examination of the Effectiveness of Various Toning Solutions on Black and White Silver Halide Emulsions
Hugh Talman          Download PDF

The Use of FTIR in the Study of Photographic Materials
Johanne Perron          Download PDF

Negative Duplication: Evaluating the Reproduction and Preservation Needs of Collections
Steven T. Puglia          Download PDF

Research on Collodion Glass Plate Negatives: Coating Thickness and FTIR Identification of Varnishes
Mark McCormick- Goodhart          Download PDF

An Examination of the Use of Commercial Scanners to Restore Faded Color Transparencies
Jim Wallace          Download PDF

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