1991 | Volume Four

Compiled by Robin E. Siegel

Papers presented at the PMG Session at the AIC General Meeting in Richmond, Virginia, June 3, 1990

The Bourges-Bruehl Collection: Reproducing Color from Glass Separation Negatives
Jim Wallace, Joe Goulait, and Hugh Talman          Download PDF

An Investigation of Commercially Available Dry Mount Tissues
Nancy Reinhold          Download PDF

Conservation Tip: A Modified Dacron Lining Technique for Photographs
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, February 22-3, 1991

From Concept to Concrete: The Ongoing Saga of the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
Martha Langford          Download PDF

Stieglitz: Photographic Process and Related Conservation Issues
Rachel Danzing          Download PDF

Photosens: Automating Photographic Sensitometry in the Photograph Conservation Laboratory
Brian Lesser          Download PDF

Evaluation of Paper Products: With Special Reference to Use with Photographic Materials
Helen D. Burgess          Download PDF

Study of the Microstructure of Silver Grains in Gelatin Printing Out Paper During Accelerated Aging
Bertrand LavĂ©drine          Download PDF

Protein Chemistry of Albumen Photographs
Paul Messier          Download PDF

Some Recent Photographic Preservation Activities at the Library of Congress
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF

Developing Treatment Criteria in the Conservation of Photographs
JosĂ© Orraca          Download PDF

The Effects of Sodium Borohydride Solutions on Silver-Based Photographic Materials: An Update
Valerie Baas, Carmel Harkins, and L.P. Stodulski          Download PDF

Conservation and Restoration of The Family of Man
Silvia Berselli          Download PDF

Flattening Cracks in Photographs
Ana B. Hofmann          Download PDF

Work in Progress: An Analysis of the Effect of Water on the Cracking of Albumen Photographs
Paul Messier          Download PDF

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