2017 | Volume Seventeen

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Jessica Keister and Marie-Lou Beauchamp


Papers presented at the 2016 Joint Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation
and the Canadian Association for Cultural Property/Association canadienne pour
la conservation et la restauration des biens culturels in Montréal, Québec, Canada

Photography, Continuity and Change. Impact on the Conservation Field
Bertrand Lavédrine Download PDF

Analysis of Historical Tintype Plates: Materials, Methods, and Manufacturers
Corina E. Rogge Download PDF

Investigation and Optimization of Electrochemical Treatment for Daguerreotypes
Elyse Canosa and W. (Bill) Wei Download PDF

Characterizing Resin Coated Surfaces and Evaluation of Adhesive Systems to Hinge-
Mount for Photographs and Digital Prints
Chris McGlinchey, Roberta Piantavigna, and Lee Ann Daffner Download PDF

Identification of Chromogenic Colour Photographic Prints Brand by Spectral and
Statistical Analysis
Christine Andraud Download PDF

Surface Roughness, Appearance, and Identification of AGFA-Gevaert Photograph Samples
W. (Bill) Wei and S. Stigter Download PDF

Facts and Fictions of Pink Prints
Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton and Paul Messier Download PDF

Understanding Temperature and Moisture Equilibration: A Path Towards Sustainable
Strategies for Museum, Library and Archives Collections
Jean-Louis Bigourdan Download PDF

Photochromatic Images of Edmond Becquerel: Where do the Colors Come From? Tracks
in the Understanding of the Origin of their Colors
Victor de Seauve, Marie-Angélique Languille, Saskia Vanpeene, Edouard de Saint-Ours,
Jean-Marc Frigerio, Christine Andraud, and Bertrand Lavédrine
Download PDF

Blocked Photographic Prints: Adhesion and Treatment
Barbara Lemmen and Emma Lowe Download PDF

When Inkjet Prints Get Wet: First Contact to Weeklong Submersions
Daniel Burge Download PDF

Salvaging Memories: The Recovery of Fire-Damaged Photographs and Lessons Learned in Conservation and Kindness
Debra Hess Norris and Barbara Lemmen Download PDF

Separation Anxiety: Kiss Your Acetate Goodbye!
Nicole Christie, and Cindy Colford Download PDF

Problems with Image: A Conservator’s Role in the Attribution of Photographs
Adrienne Lundgren Download PDF

Methods for Cleaning Brass Mats from Ambrotype and Daguerreotype Packages
Christophe Vischi, Ariane Lalande, and Chloé Lucas Download PDF

Enhanced: Nineteenth Century Hand-Colored Photographic Portraits
Anne MacKay Download PDF

Materials, Technology, Reproductions and Defining the Vintage Print
Clara von Waldthausen Download PDF

Restoration of an Experimental Film: Research of an Adhesive Compatible with Color
Film Materials
Constance Duval Download PDF

Papers presented at the 2017 PMG Winter Meeting in Kansas City, Missouri

Building a Collection: The History of the Hallmark / Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Photography Collection
Keith F. Davis Download PDF

The Lieven Gevaert Tower: a New Low Energy Climate Storage Facility for the Collection
of the FOMU – Fotomuseum Antwerp
Ann Deckers Download PDF

Hidden Treasures in the Photographic Technology Books at the Library of Congress
Adrienne Lundgren Download PDF

Setting the Tone: Platinum Toning of Silver Photographs
Ronel Namde and Joan M. Walker Download PDF

Edward Weston’s Platinum and Palladium Photographs
Margaret Wessling Download PDF

The Alfred Stieglitz Collection: Photographs: Conservation and Art Historical Data
Go Digital at the Art Institute of Chicago
Ariel Pate, Kaslyne O’Connor, and Sylvie Pénichon Download PDF

The Conservation Treatment of A Convex Crayon Enlargement Portrait: After a Failed
Decoupage Attempt
Thomas M. Edmondson Download PDF

What Is It: Empirical Research into the Art of Bleaching Crayon Enlargements
Lisa Duncan, Saori Kawasumi Lewis, Jessica Keister, and Thomas M. Edmondson Download PDF

Francesca Woodman’s BFA Thesis: Conserving a Work of Art for An Active Archive
Monique C. Fischer and Amanda A. Maloney Download PDF

The Effects of Solvents on Early Color Transparencies
Elsa Thyss Download PDF

Conservation of Two Floris Neusüss Photograms
Zach Long Download PDF

An Experimental Era: The Ungilded Daguerreotype in Early America
Rachel Wetzel Download PDF

Scientific Analysis and Treatment of a William Sawyer Photograph Album
Geneva Iklé Download PDF

ATP Testing to Determine if Cultural Artifacts are Contaminated with Active Biological
Jessica Keister, and Jessica Silverman Download PDF

Disinfection Treatment of Fungi Damaged Silver Gelatin Prints with Ethanol Vapours
Chloé Lucas, Frank Déniel, and Philippe Dantigny Download PDF

Papers presented at the 2018 AIC Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois

Bellmer: Complexities of the Doll
Krista Lough Download PDF

T34 The Fiocruz Collections: Discussing the Preservation of its Photographic Archives
Nathália Vieira Serrano Download PDF

Moonlight and Midnight: The evolution of Edward Steichen’s ‘Moonrise’ prints
Kaslyne O’Connor, Sylvie Pénichon, and Ariel Pate Download PDF

New Originals: Reprints in Fine Art Photography
Hanako Murata, J. Luca Ackerman, Tatiana Cole, and Peter Mustardo Download PDF

The Re-creation and Conservation of Megalethoscope Slides
Monique C. Fischer Download PDF

Current Trends and Collaboration Among Heritage Institutions in Latin America:
APOYOnline Regional Conference and Workshop in Medellin, Colombia
Beatriz Haspo, Amparo Rueda, and Debbie Hess Norris Download PDF

Integral Management of Photographic Collections for Conservation. Case Museum of
Photography in Cuba
Gloria C. Alvarez Frigola Download PDF

Pilot Project for the Treatment of Photogravures on Gampi Paper by Edward S. Curtis
Rachel Danzing and Ann Baldwin Download PDF

Uncovering Irving Penn’s Chemical Treatment Techniques
Laura Panadero Download PDF

Providing Access to ‘Overprotected’ Color Slides
Diana L. Diaz-Canas Download PDF

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