2009 | Volume Thirteen

Brenda Bernier and Camille Moore

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, April 2008

NPS Service-Wide Initiative for the Preservation of Film-based Media (Abstract)
Theresa Voellinger and Jenny Barton          Download PDF

A Guide to Fiber-based Gelatin Silver Print Condition and Deterioration (Abstract)
Gawain Weaver          Download PDF

Tip: The Use of Inkjet Copiers to Transcribe Historical Inscriptions
Andrea Youngfert and Brenda Bernier          Download PDF

History and Stylistic Evolution of Gelatin Silver Developing-Out Paper (Abstract)
Paul Messier          Download PDF

Advancements in Daguerrotype Research Using Confocal and Electron Microscopy (Abstract)
Patrick Ravines          Download PDF

An Examination of the Short And Long Term Effects of Light Bleaching Silver Gelatin Photographs (Abstract)
Rachel K. Wetzel          Download PDF

Foam (12), By Zhang Huan: The Treatment of an Oversize Chromogenic Print (Abstract)
Thomas M. Edmondson          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting In Tucson, Arizona, January 2008

Research Themes Explored by the Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation
Stacey VanDenburgh          Download PDF

Conservation and Digitization at the Buddhist Archive of Photography in Luang Prabang, Laos
Martin C. J├╝rgens          Download PDF

The Preservation of Photographic Collections in Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Jennifer Jae Gutierrez          Download PDF

Photograph Preservation Institute in the Middle East: Lessons in Priorities
Nora W. Kennedy and Debra Hess Norris          Download PDF

Working with Large Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Musuem
Sarah Freeman and Marc Harnly          Download PDF

Chromogenic Print Characterization: A Study of Kodak Color Prints, 1942-2008
Gawain Weaver and Zach Long          Download PDF

New Applications for Paper Fiber Analysis in Characterizing Gelatin Silver Prints (Abstracts)
Lee Ann Daffner and Paul Messier          Download PDF

Polaroid Vectographs
Brenda Bernier          Download PDF

XRF Indentification of 20th Century Developer-Incorporated Stabilized Prints
Erin Murphy          Download PDF

Surprise, Surprise…Technical Analysis of Photographs in the Alfred Stieglitz Collection at The Art Institute of Chicago
Eva Grieten          Download PDF

The Use of the Salted Paper Print as a Copying Technique for Architectural Drawings and Maps (Abstract)
Adrienne Lundgren          Download PDF

Autochrome Research at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Testing Methodology and Preliminary Results for Anoxia Light-Fading
Luisa Casella          Download PDF

Daguerreotype Research at the Materials Research Laboratory, The Pennsylvania State University: 1979-1984
M. Susan Barger          Download PDF

A Case for Preservation: Revisiting the Agassiz Collection of Daguerreotypes from the Peabody Museum Archives at Harvard University
Elena Bulat, India Spartz, Brenda Bernier, and T. Rose Holdcraft          Download PDF

Treatment of an American Political Tintype Badge, Case-Study
Karina Beeman          Download PDF

Alfred Stieglitz’s Lanter Slides
Rosina Herrera          Download PDF

Thawing and Treating Water-Damaged Photographic Materials (Abstract)
Barbara Lemmen          Download PDF

Purple Haze: The Development and Analysis of Vapor Iodine Treatment for the Reduction of Silver Mirroring
Sara Bisi, Dr. Gregory D. Smith, and Gary E. Albright          Download PDF

Tip: Localized Light Bleaching with a Fiber Optic Lamp
Valerie Baas and Sarah Freeman          Download PDF

Research on Methods for Cleaning Face-Mounted Photographs
Luisa Casella and Camille Moore          Download PDF

Appropriate Techniques for Surface Cleaning Inkjet Prints
Tessa Godomski          Download PDF

Additional Papers

On the Illumination of Light-Sensitive Photographs
Mike Ware          Download PDF

The Story Between Two Covers: The Treatment History of P.H. Emerson’s Cuba Album
Gary E. Albright          Download PDF

Restoring Ansel Adams
Niccolo Caldararo          Download PDF

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