2005 | Volume Eleven

Brenda Bernier

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Meeting in Portland, Oregon, June 2004

What is a Photograph?
Grant Romer          Download PDF

Digital Photography! But What About our Careers! (or, What is Photograph Conservation?)
Thomas M. Edmondson          Download PDF

Issues in Humidification and Drying of Gelatin Silver Prints
Brenda Bernier          Download PDF

A Step in the Evolution of the Treatment of Acetate Negatives
Karen L. Pavelka and Victoria Naipavel-Heidushke          Download PDF

The Early Emory College Class Photograph Preservation Project
Kate Murray and Ann Frellsen          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, February 2005

Characterization of Black-And-White Silver Gelatin Fiber-Based Photographic Prints
Corinne Dune, Lene Grinde, and Ralph Wiegandt          Download PDF

Four Metallic Photographic Prints from The Harry Ransom Center Collection
Barbara N. Brown, Dusan C. Stulik, and Herant Khanjian          Download PDF

Optical Brighteners-A Study of Water Solubility
Rachel K. Wetzel          Download PDF

Treatment of Andreas Gursky’s Rhine II: Testing of Dusting Materials and Cleaning Cloths (Abstract)
Erin L. Murphy          Download PDF

The Gandhãra Battle, Treatment of a Photographic Album
Herman Maes and Nathalie Minten          Download PDF

The Study of Two Humidification and Flattening Methods for Albumen Prints to Determine Their Impact on the Evolution of Cracks in the Albumen Layer (Abstract)
Christophe Vischi and Greg Hill          Download PDF

Preservation of Negatives at The British Columbia Archives
Betty Walsh          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2005

None published.

Additional Papers

The Technology of Solar Enlargements
Katharine Whitman          Download PDF

Investigation of Methods Used to Misrepresent the Conditions and the Age of Photographs
Jens Gold          Download PDF

Notes on Dating Photographic Paper
Paul Messier          Download PDF

Photograph Preservation in Russia
Elena Simonova-Bulat          Download PDF

The Influence of Adhesives on the Appearance of Albumen Photographs
Nathalie Minten          Download PDF

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