1995 | Volume Six

Robin E. Siegel

Papers presented at the PMG Session at the AIC General Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, June 10, 1994

Examination and Investigation of 19th Century Paper Negatives: A Study of the Process, Materials, and Deterioration Characteristics
Lee Ann Daffner        Download PDF

Use of Passive Monitors in Film Collections
Monique C. Fischer and James M. Reilly        Download PDF

The History and Identification of Photo-Reproductive Processes Used for Architectural Drawings Prior to 1930
Lois Olcott Price        Download PDF

The Preservation of Acetate Film Materials—A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Duplication and Cool/Cold Storage
Steve Puglia        Download PDF

Identification of Cellulose Nitrate and Acetate Negatives
Betty Walsh        Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Washington, DC, March 3-4, 1995

Mickey, Donald, Goofy & Pluto: What’s Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine?
Ron Barbagallo        Download PDF

Deterioration of Some Contemporary Prints
Bertrand Lavédrine        Download PDF

Sealed Packages
Hugh Phibbs        Download PDF

Cliché-Verre: Drawing and Photography
Kimberly Schenck        Download PDF

The Treatment of William H. Rau’s Pennsylvania Railroad Scenery
Mary Schobert        Download PDF

Additional papers

Image Permanence Institute Summary of Activities at IPI—1993
Robin Siegel (compiler)        Download PDF

Airflow and Humidity Control in a Two-Room Cold Storage Box: A Design Flaw Uncovered
Robin E. Siegel        Download PDF

Approaches to Moving Glass Plate Negatives
Sarah Wagner        Download PDF

Addendum to Topics in Photographic Preservation, Volume Five

Addendum to “Guidelines for Care and Identification of Film-Base Photographic Materials”
Andrew Robb        Download PDF

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