2011 | Volume Fourteen

Brenda Bernier and Camille Moore


Papers presented at the PMG session of the 2010 AIC Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 2010

TIP: Rubber Cement Reduction Surface of Gelatin Silver Photographs (DOP) Effects
Elena Bulat          Download PDF

TIP: Burnished Scratches Reduction on Some Silver Gelatin Photographs
Elena Bulat          Download PDF

Cleaning Beverages off Photographs
Pilar Hernandez, Lara Kreusburg, and Marsha Sirven          Download PDF

Current Status of Treatment Practices in Photograph Conservation
Alejandra Mendoza          Download PDF

Re-Examining the (Electro-)Chemical Cleaning of Daguerreotypes: Microscopic Change vs. Macroscopic Perception
W. (Bill) Wei, Ingrid Gerritsen, and Clara Von Waldthausen          Download PDF

NPS Service-Wide Initiative for the Preservation of Film-Based Media: Project Update and Presentation of Multimedia Training Program (Abstract)
Jenny Barton and Theresa Anne Voellinger          Download PDF

The Conservation Project of the Manilla Daguerreotypes (Abstract)
Caroline Barcella          Download PDF

The Conservation Plan for the “Mexican Suitcase”
Mirasol Estrada          Download PDF

Challenges and Strategies in the Preservation of Photographic Collections: Here, There, and Everywhere Across the Universe (Abstract)
Debra Hess Norris          Download PDF

Behavior of Autochrome Color Screen Dyes under Anoxic Conditions
Luisa Casella          Download PDF

A Technical Study of the Work of Felice Beato in Asia
Sarah K. Freeman          Download PDF

Papers Presented at the 2011 PMG Winter Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, February 2011

José Orraca and the Chemical Treatment of Photographs
Gary E. Albright          Download PDF

Conservation of Three Collodion Glass Plate Negatives Made by Charles Marville (C. 1865): Research on Cleaning and Strengthening of the Collodion Varnished Image Binder (Abstract)
Fabien Cannarella          Download PDF

Surface Matters: the Treatment Challenges to Retain the Surface Characteristics for Gelatin Silver Developing-Out Photographs (Abstract)
Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, Diane Tafilowski, Paul Messier, and Karina Beeman          Download PDF

Preliminary Considerations and the Factors Involved in Lining Treatments of Black and White Fiber Base Photographs
Ma. Estabaliz Guzmán Solano          Download PDF

An Unexpected Learning Opportunity: Making the Most of a Problematic Treatment
Greg Hill and Jessica Keister          Download PDF

Dmitri Ermakov in the Caucasus: Preservation and Conservation of the Ermakov Estate, Kept in the S. Janashia State Museum of Tbilisi, Georgia
Herman Maes and Henriette Verdonk          Download PDF

Salted Paper Print Initiative at Harvard University: Preliminary Report (Abstract)
Brenda Bernier          Download PDF

The Preservation of Panoramas at Harvard University
Elena Bulat and Brenda Bernier          Download PDF

Community Collections, Community Museums, Collaborative Projects: The Ottawa Museum Network Conservation Project (Abstract)
Pilar Hernandez Romero          Download PDF

That was Then: Changes to the New Nitrate Film Preservation Facility for Library and Archives Canada (Abstract)
Janet Kepkiewicz and Lisa Hennessey          Download PDF

Film Based Photographic Materials Project: A Story of Perseverance and Patience
Jane E. Klinger          Download PDF

Preliminary Investigation Into the Preservation of Backlit Works of Art (Abstract)
Kate Jennings and Sylvie Pénichon          Download PDF

TIP: Collaboration, Learning, and a Positive Response to Disaster: Preparing a Collection of 16mm Film for Digitization
Kelly Leahey, Marcelle Scott, Sarah Brown, and Asti Sherring          Download PDF

Lessons in Digital Print Preservation: The DP3 Project
Douglas Nishimura          Download PDF

Advancements in Image-Based Condition Reporting for Daguerreotypes: Optimizing Microscopy to Accompany High Resolutions Images, and Sharing them in the Daguerreotype Research Portal
Ralph Wiegandt and Alice Carver-Kubik          Download PDF

Display of Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen Autochrome Plates: Anoxic Sealed Package and Lighting Conditions
Luisa Casella and Katherine Sanderson          Download PDF

Inexcusable but Appropriate: the Technical Analysis of Hand-Painted Tintypes from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation Collections
Alisha Chipman          Download PDF

Context and Content: Dating of Photographic Prints by Henri Cartier-Bresson Based on Visual Examination and Chemical Analysis
Lee Ann Daffner, Ana Martins, and Chris Mcglinchey          Download PDF

Hyperspectral Imaging of Daguerreotypes (Abstract)
Douglas Goltz and Greg Hill          Download PDF

The Photographs of Heinrich Kühn: Research Project on Artistic Technique
Andreas Gruber          Download PDF

Dating Photographic Materials Based Upon Atomic Bomb-Derived Radiocarbon Content (Abstract)
Gregory W. L. Hodgins and Dana Drake Rosenstein          Download PDF

Print Permanence Research at Aardenburg Imaging & Archives (Abstract)
Mark H. McCormick-Goodhart          Download PDF

Surface Classification for Black and White Prints (Abstract)
Paul Messier, James Coddington, and Lee Ann Daffner          Download PDF

Surface Characterization and Monitoring of Surface Changes after Conservation Treatments of Silver Gelatin Photographic Papers Using Confocal Microscopy
Patrick Ravines, Jiuan-Jiuan Chen, and Christian M. Wichern          Download PDF

Characterization of Chlorine Induced Alterations on Daguerreotypes by SEM-EDS, XRF, and Raman Spectroscopy (Abstract)
Franziska Schulte, Silvia A. Centeno, Alejandro Schrott, and Nora W. Kennedy          Download PDF

The Graphics Atlas: Applied (Abstract)
Ryan Boatright          Download PDF

Advancing the Conservation of Photographs in Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe Using a Model of Extended Learning
Sean Charette, Kathleen Dardes, and Tram Vo          Download PDF

Additional Papers and Tips

The Effects of Acidic, Alkaline, Buffered, and Non-Buffered Enclosures on Cyanotypes
Lauren Held, Daniel Burge, and Douglas Nishimura          Download PDF

TIP: Cast Composites: a System for Texturing Repair Materials in Book Conservation
Grace Owen and Sarah Reidell          Download PDF

Initial Investigation into Orotone Photographs
Richard Stenman          Download PDF

Preservation System for Housing Bare Plate Daguerreotypes
Jiuan-Juian Chen and Mark Beeman          Download PDF

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